Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny?

German Shepherd is among the most healthy-looking dogs because they are regularly trained. If your German Shepherd is skinny or looks more inactive compared to other dogs then chances are that there is something wrong with your dog or you have been doing things differently.

Well, you don’t have to worry about anything because in this article you will find several reasons that could lead to why is my German Shepherd so skinny. Not only that you will be able to go through the causes but also it will help you find the most perfect solutions to help make your German Shepherd more active and healthy.

No, some reasons lead to some German Shepherds who are skinnier compared to other dogs. One of the major factors that is a big role in this is genes. Genes can make your German shepherd skinny.

If genes is not the cause then there could be other reasons why your German Shepherd is skinny. If your dog isn’t getting enough diet then chances are it will be skinny as poor diet can lead to losing weight and make your dog inactive. Another major reason could be that your dog has other physical issues that you’re not paying attention to.

Several factors can make a German Shepherd skinny which I mentioned as follows:

Major causes that can make your German Shepherd skinny

Different causes can make one German Shepherd skinny compared to other dogs. Below are some of the major causes that can make a German shepherd skinny but appropriate reasons to give you a better understanding.

Genes can make your dog skinny

Many people often neglect the fact that genes play a very important role in the growth of any animals especially dogs. The main reason why your German Shepherd is skinny compared to other dogs is genes. It could be in exchange for the two German Shepherd skinny. One of the reasons to find this out is if your dog was relatively skinnier as a puppy compared to other puppies of the time. Another reason to find out that your dog is skinny because of genes is that you have been feeding at the appropriate diet according to the vet but your dog still hasn’t gained weight or reached normal growth level.

Too much training and exercise

It is going to train your dogs regularly but doing too much training or exercise can also make a German Shepherd skinny. German Shepherds were indeed bred to be working dogs and they work with lease and only during the investigation of various crimes so they require more training compared to other tours but this also doesn’t mean that you have you should train your dog all the time without any breaks.

If you are doing this this Then chances are this could be one of the reasons why your German Shepherd is can you compare to other dogs. But you should be doing is you should make sure that your German Shepherd is getting appropriate tight and enough calories compared to the amount of exercise it does every day. It is better to discuss this problem with your vet before switching to a particular conclusion.

Poor diet is a major cause

One of the major reasons why your German Shepherd is skinny is because of its poor diet. If you are not giving your German shepherd proper diet and enough calories then chances are it will remain skinnier and in active compared to other dogs. No matter how long to train new German Shepherd it will remain in active if you don’t give a dog your dog proper calories and died according to the vet.

Majority of the German Shepherd‘s require 1273 to 1540 cal per day but more active German Shepherd’s require 1742 to 2100 cal per day (sourceOpens in a new tab.). On the other hand it is also important to check if your dog is eating the wrong foods. If you are unsure about the diet you have been given to the German Shepherd it is always the best choice to take your dog to the vet So that he will be able to plan the best diet for your German Shepherd.

Illness and injuries

Another reason Why are you a German Shepherd is skinny could be because of an illness or injury. If your dog has been showing signs of illness like vomiting or fatigue then you must take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Best cures to get your German Shepherd to gain healthy weight

Now that you are aware of the possible causes that have made your German Shepherd skinny it is important to know the best cures that can help you German Shepherd to gain healthy weight.

Good diet is crucial

One of the best ways to help my German Shepherd to be less skinny is the proper diet. You should take your dog to the vet so that he will be able to give the best I plan for your dog. Make sure that your German Shepherd is getting 1273 to 1540 cal per day.

Make sure your dog is doing normal daily activity

When it comes to training you must make sure that your dog isn’t training too hard. You must start with normal daily activities like walking, playing fetch with your dog. If you want to do more active exercises with your dog you must also increase the daily calorie intake of your German Shepherd.

Take your dog to the vet

Last but not least it is always the best decision to take your dog to the vet. They are properly trained and educated to help find the most prominent cause that has made a German Shepherd skinny and provide the best cure for it.

Give your dog attention

Animals require love and attention too. In order to make sure that your dog isn’t feeling any anxiety or stress you must give your German Shepherd love and attention that it deserves. These factors play a very important role in making your dog healthy and fit.

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