Why Do German Shepherds Whine A Lot?

If you are someone whose German Shepherd has been whining a lot then you don’t have to worry about anything because in this article you will get all the necessary information that will help you fix this problem.

In this article, you will get all the main reasons that make the German Shepherd whine a lot. By going through these reasons you will be able to understand the root cause of this problem and how you can deal with it properly. Some of the major causes and regions of whining and German Shepherd are as follows:

  • Whining in German shepherds can be caused due to injury.
  • Illness or disease can also cause German shepherds to whine a lot.
  • Stress and fear is also a major cause.
  • Boredom can also lead to whine behavior.

Apart from these common divisions, several reasons can lead your German Shepherd the wine a lot but you don’t have to worry about anything as several solutions are going to be available to help fix this issue.

Top reasons why do German Shepherds whine a lot

Every German Shepherd is different from each other which leads to different reasons for the whining behavior. One can not predict a single root cause of this whine behavior among all the German Shepherds.

Here are the major reasons which can cause your German shepherd to whine a lot:

Your German Shepherd is injured

One of the major reasons why your German Shepherd has been whining a lot could be an injury. Injury can be a major reason for this whining behavior if your German Shepherd has started to whine recently. Therefore it is always important to check if your German shepherd has been hit recently to get to the root cause of the whining behavior. If you still aren’t able to fix this issue then it is always the best choice to take your Geman Shepherd to the vet.

Illness can cause your German Shepherd to whine

Another reason why your German Shepherd has been whining a lot is due to an illness or a disease. This occurs most commonly if your German Shepherd has been eaten something wrong. Therefore it is always important to keep a check on your dogs to make sure they are not eating anything unhealthy.

Stress and fear is a major cause

Many people think that only humans can get stressed or feel fear. This is not true. Many animals especially dogs like German Shepherd can feel emotions of stress and fear. Stress can be a major reason why your German Shepherd has been whining a lot. There could be an event that has developed stress or fear in your German shepherd. This includes moving to a new house or coming in contact with a new family member. Another major reason could be a person that has missed treated your German Shepherd without you knowing.

Your German Shepherd wants attention

Dog owners often neglect the fact that dogs want attention. Lack of attention can be a major reason that causes your German Shepherd to whine a lot. If you don’t give a German Shepherd enough attention or if you have just started giving your dog attention that it can lead to whining behavior. In this way, your dog will learn that whining will give it attention.

Your dog is bored

This is a major reason for this whining. German Shepherds are active dogs but if they get bored or their owners don’t play or train with them then most likely they will get bored. This leads the German Shepherd to start whining or do something else. It is recommended to do at least one hour daily of training/exercise with your German Shepherd to keep them active and prevent them from whining.

How to fix the whining problem?

No doubt it can be quite stressful to deal with the whining issue but it can be fixed by following proper methods.

Get your dog to exercise

It has been proven that proper training or exercise can significantly reduce the whining in your German Shepherd. Not only that this will help keep your dog more active but also it will help reduce boredom which eventually causes your dog to whine less.

The most effective exercises include taking your German Shepherd out for a well or a running session. You can also play fetch with your dog. If your dog is trained to swim then swimming can be a very effective way of reducing whine.

Do not go overboard with positive training

Many people often do not understand that positive training can also promote whining behavior in your dog. Therefore it is always better to keep things in moderation. If your German Shepherd always starts whining about getting what it wants then the best solution is to ignore your dog till it stops whining.

Rewards work!

We all feel good when we get what we want. The same goes for dogs. Rewards boost excitement in German Shepherd and make them more active. One of the major ways through which you can reduce whining in your German Shepherd is by giving rewards in the pen of a treat. However, if your dog starts whining again then you should stop giving treats.

Give your dog attention

If your German Shepherd has been whining a lot then it can be solved by giving appropriate attention. Attention helps reduce whining in your dog. There are many ways through which you can give your dog the attention it wants. It could be:

  • Exercise
  • Playing fetch
  • Treats
  • Dog daycare

All do these methods work wonderfully. But there is one thing that you must keep in mind and that is you shouldn’t give too much attention to your dog as it can also promote whining in your German Shepherd.

Following the above methods will greatly help you reduce whining in your German Shepherd. Therefore it is a must to go through the entire article to help fix the whine issue in your German Shepherd.

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