When Do German Shepherds Calm Down?

Having young German Shepherds means that you will have to deal with their hyper energy as they are more energetic when they are younger. If you are someone who wants to know when their German Shepherd will calm down then you have come to the right place because in this article you will not only get the reasons why you should calm down German Shepherds but also ways through which you can make that happen.

All German Shepherds are different. You cannot expect to train all the German Shepherds in the same manner. It requires patience to train your dog especially German Shepherds. So it is always better to know the reasons why your German Shepherd is hyper:

Why are German Shepherds hyper?

The main reason why German Shepherds are hyper is that they are working dogs. Historically German Shepherds have been used in crime scenes by the police or the army which means that these dogs are more specially trained compared to other dogs.

Initially, German Shepherds were bred for herding. This means that these dogs have more stamina and energy throughout the day. So if your German Shepherd is not getting proper training or exercise it will get hyper.

Hyper behavior can be dangerous at times. If your dog isn’t getting what it wants it can attack the person to get what it wants.

Best ways to calm down your German Shepherd

Now that you know the reason why German Shepherds get hyper it is important to know different ways through which you can make your German Shepherd calm.

Exercise is crucial

One of the best ways to calm down your German Shepherd is through proper exercise. German Shepherds are working dogs which means that they require daily exercise to prevent boredom. Exercise helps your German Shepherd to burn off energy which makes them calmer.

Exercise makes the dog tired which ultimately makes it calmer. This will lead to your German Shepherd resting more than being hyper. Exercise also helps keep your dog more active during the day and prevents laziness. Therefore exercise is crucial for dogs like German Shepherds.


Another important way through which you can make your German Shepherd calmer is training. German Shepherds can be made calmer if you do proper training them. Training gives you control over your dog. It is a mental stimulation that can make your dog tired and ultimately calm it.

For this, you must make sure that your dog is participating in different types of training which will ultimately tire it. If you are someone who has a puppy then you should start with the basic obedience classes and not go rigorous.

However, if you have older dogs you can start with agility or Schutzhund.

Most of the pieces of training require exercise in them as well which works wonders in calming your German Shepherd.

Another great way to calm your German Shepherd is to do tricks with them. It also requires a lot of energy which can ultimately calm your dog.


Interacting with other dogs or German Shepherds can greatly calm your German Shepherd. German Shepherds are the type of dogs that do not like being left out. These dogs like to be surrounded by other people, dogs, or animals which makes them calm.

Whether your dog is a puppy or an older dog you must make sure that it is involved in some sort of interaction with other dogs or people who can give your dog appropriate attention.

The main benefit of socialization is that these other dogs or people will eventually tire your dog out and it will be calmer. Some people arrange dog playdates. When dogs play with each other they eventually get tired by the time they get back home which makes them fall asleep being calmer.

Some of the best forms of socialization include dog daycare, dog play dates, taking your dog out for a walk, trips to new places, or a person who has time to spend with your dog and play with it.

Mental stimulation through tricks

German Shepherds are the dogs that require love and attention more than other dogs. Doing tricks with German Shepherds give them the appropriate mental stimulation that they require to be calmer.

Mental stimulation can be achieved through training. But the best form of mental stimulation is achieved through puzzle-solving and other brain toys.

Doing puzzle solving involved the use of your dog’s brain to solve problems. This is a very effective method in making your dog calm and more trained.

You get involved a treat in these tricks which will require your dog to find out the treat by using its brain. Their brain puzzle toys are crucial for training your German Shepherd properly.


German Shepherds require love and attention. One of the best ways through which you can calm them down is by playing with your German Shepherd and giving it the attention that it needs. It helps make your dog more calm and relaxed throughout the day. Many people have found this method to be very useful in calming their dogs.

The best way of giving attention to your German Shepherd is by playing with it. If you don’t have time for that you can practically ask a person to spend time with your German Shepherd.

Final words

When it comes to calming down your German Shepherd you must have a realistic approach toward it. German Shepherds are not the type of dogs to sit or lay down most of the time. These are working dogs who are supposed to be more active compared to other dogs.

When it comes to making your German Shepherd calm it requires time and effort. Most of the German Shepherds calm down between the age of 5-7 but this varies with different dogs.

Some German Shepherds calm down earlier whereas others calm down later. It is important to keep this in mind that unlike other dogs German Shepherds do not calm down overnight but rather they calm down gradually with time.

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