Best Brush For German Shepherds

Best Brush For German Shepherds: German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. These dogs are specially trained for hunting as well as for work with the police. As we all know that German Shepherds are the type of dog that has a lot of hair. This includes their coat type, shedding, and many other factors that determine the thickness of their hair.

In this article, you will get all the necessary information that will help you understand the reason behind the thick hair of German Shepherds and the factors that lead to the thickness of their hair. Mostly German Shepherds shed a lot of hair. This is not an alarming situation as it is common among most of the German Shepherds but there are certain reasons behind this.

Type of German Shepherd coat:

The German Shepherd coat is of four types:

  • Long hair with undercoat
  • Long hair without undercoat
  • Medium with an undercoat
  • Short with an undercoat

Important points for choosing a grooming brush for German Shepherd

When it comes to choosing a grooming brush for your German Shepherd you must know that it all depends on the hair length with an undercoat. Long, medium, short all are different hair lengths. All these hair lengths have their grooming requirements.

The best thing to do is to have two different types of brushes. This will make it easy for you to groom your dog. Another important thing is to make sure that you regularly wash the brushes to keep them clean and reusable for a longer time.

German Shepherds are dogs that come with two different coats. One is an undercoat and the other is an overcoat. Therefore each coat requires its brush for better grooming of the dog.

Different type of brushes for the German Shepherd

There are many different types of grooming brushes currently available in the market. This makes it easier for the dog owner to choose the type of brush that will fit their needs perfectly and will help them groom their German Shepherd most professionally and effectively possible.

Basic brush:

There are two types of basic brushes. There are plastic basic brushes and metal wire basic brushes. Both these brushes are different from each other. Plastic brushes are used for taking out the tangled hair in the undercoat of the German Shepherd. This in turn helps distribute skin oil all across the undercoat of the German Shepherd.

On the other hand, the metal wire brushes go deeper in the layers and help smoother the undercoat of the German Shepherd. These basic brushes are the best tool when it comes to the daily grooming of your dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a long-haired German Shepherd or a short haired German Shepherd this brush will work perfectly fine on your German Shepherd.


If you want to soothe the long coat of your German Shepherd then these combs are the best choice for you. It is crucial to comb your German Shepherd’s long coat regularly. This comb will make it easier for you to do so. Make sure to use the comb gently. Do not move it fast through the long coat of the German Shepherd. This will hurt your dog and irritate you. Make sure to gently move to the comb through the long coat. It works best when the dog’s coat is wet. If there are larger tangles then the best thing to do is use the matting tool.

Deshedding tool:

Another great tool for brushing your German Shepherd’s hair is the deshedding tool. This tool helps reduce shedding by a great extent. If you don’t want your house to be full of dog fur then you must get the deshedding tool. German Shepherds she’s twice a year. It occurs during autumn and spring. When you have the deshedding tool it can reach down to the soft undercoat of the German Shepherd and remove the loose fur before it sheds. In this way, one can prevent the room to be furry and help keep it clean for a long time.

One of the best Deshedding tools is the undercoat rake. This tool rakes through the coat. If you don’t want to remove the fur then this tool is the best choice for you. It comes with two teeth layers that make it easy for the user to rake through the coats. The two teeth work in great synchronization that helps rake the fur.

Dematting tool:

If you have a long furred German Shepherd then this tool is the best choice for you. The Dematting tool helps remove the long tangled fur easily without irritating the dog. If the dog has lots of knots in its fur then the dematting tool will help get rid of it in no time. The dematting tool is very effective as it reached the knots in the undercoat as well as in the guard hair of the German Shepherd.

It comes with the best design for removing the tangles. The teeth of the Dematting tool are designed in such a way that they help get rid of unwanted tangles and go deep to the guard hair with ease. This helps avoid pulling over the dog’s fur when can be quite painful for the German Shepherd.

The Dematting tool works the best for both the long hair coat German Shepherd and the short hair coat German Shepherd. Since small dogs are frilly and usually have no tangled hair this tool can still be used to groom the fur and remove any broken hair from the fur.

Slicker brush:

If your German Shepherd comes with a long coat then you must get the slicker brush. The slicker brush is specifically designed for a German Shepherd with a long coat. It comes with high-quality wire bristles that help keep the fur shiny. This tool is very effective as it can easily go to the deepest part of the dog’s undercoat.

The best part about the slicker brush is that it is self cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about removing the fur from the brush every time you use it. Once you have groomed your dog the slicker brush then remover the fur once you press on the push button.

Mitts or Gloves:

Mitts are gloves that are covered in rubber knobs. These rubber knobs are used for brushing through the hair of the German Shepherd. The dog owner will move his/her hand over the entire body of the German Shepherd this will help remove the unwanted or broken hair from the German Shepherd’s body.

There are some dogs who don’t like the wire bristle brushes because they can irritate them. In that case, you should use the mitts. it gives more like a petting feeling rather than the grooming feel.

With the help of rubber knobs, skin oils are effectively distributed throughout the entire skin of the dog. It also helps improve the blood circulation of the dog. The best thing about mitts is that it can be used effectively on both dry and wet coats. While your dog is taking a bath you can use the mitts to groom the dog easily. The best thing about the Mitts is that they can be washable even in a washing machine.

Choose the right brush for the German Shepherd

It is crucial for the dog owners to choose the right brush for their German Shepherds. Since you are aware of the majority of the grooming tools for your German Shepherd it is important to know which one will work the best for your German Shepherd.

  • Short coated German Shepherds

If you have a short coated German Shepherd then you will require two or three grooming tools for your German Shepherd. It also varies among different German Shepherds. The first tool is a basic brush. You can get this with the mitts. Lastly, the best tool for fall and spring shedding is the undercoat rake.

  • Medium coated German Shepherds

If you have a medium coat German then you will need the best grooming tools for your dog. This involves using basic brush daily. This will help remove the unwanted hair or broken hair from the body of the German Shepherd. The second tool to be used is the undercoat rake. It will help remove any tangles from the fur of the German Shepherd. The last tool that you should have is the mitt. It is the best tool for brushing all the fur of being a German Shepherd without giving any pain to the dog. It is also a massaging tool which is very helpful for relaxing your dog especially when it is taking a bath. Moving your hands over the body of the German Shepherd will help distribute the skin oils evenly throughout the body. This is essential for ensuring better grooming of your German Shepherd.

  • Long coated German Shepherds

Having a long-coated German Shepherd means that it will require more grooming and the beta tools to do so. This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional groomer to provide such results to your dog. You can do this with the help of the right grooming tools. These three to four tools are an essential component of grooming of long coated German Shepherds.

Firstly you will require a basic brush to help groom your dog’s long hair coat. The basic brush should be used regularly because it helps maintain the texture of the fur and keep it looking healthy all the time. The next tool you will need is an undercoat rake. Undercoat rake will prevent excess shedding in the autumn and spring season. The third tool that you will require is a grooming mitt. This tool is best for dogs with sensitive skin. Lastly, if you want your dog’s skin to look healthy and shiny all the time then the best tool for your dog so the slicker tool. This tool will help keep the dog’s skin shiny all day long. It also helps distribute skin oils evenly across the entire skin of the dog.

Best Brush For German Shepherds 2021

Following are the most high quality brushes for German Shepherds:

  • FURminator undercoat deshedding tool

The best brush for the German Shepherd is the FURminator undercoat deshedding tool. It comes with stainless steel edges that reach the inner part of the dog’s undercoat. The FURminator will help remove all sorts of dead hair and loose fur. It comes with a handle that makes grooming easy for the owner.

  • Dakpets deshedding brush

The Dakpets deshedding brush is the favorite brush of a German Shepherd. It helps reduce shedding by up to 90%. This brush helps remove the dead undercoat from the German Shepherd by slightly trimming the hair. It comes with a stainless steel tooth which is rust resistant. This brush is the best choice for short as well as long coated dogs.

  • Pet grooming gloves

The pet grooming flows are very effective when it comes to removing extra loose fur. This makes them the best grooming tool for dogs who shed a lot of furs. The lost fur doesn’t stay glued to the mitt. It simply blows off. With these gloves, you can mildly rub on the dog’s face while grooming it. This is the type of grooming that your dog will enjoy the most.

  • Safari comb

The last grooming tool is everyone’s favorite. It is called the Safari comb and is the best choice for grooming your German Shepherd. It is because the Safari comb is extremely gentle on the dog’s skin. It helps remove tangles and knots from the dog’s undercoat. The blades are stainless steel. The teeth of the comb are rounded at the tip. This makes them safe for use on the dog’s skin. It also helps increase blood circulation. The comfort grip helps prevent wrist strain. It also comes with an anti-slip grip.

By going through this entire article it will become easy for you to choose the best brush for German Shepherds.

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