Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

If you are a cat owner and a dog owner then it is often a big issue and pet owners are usually concerned whether it is a good idea to keep both the cat and the dog in the same house. If you have a German Shepherd and you’re thinking of getting a cat then you need to know if your German Shepherd is comfortable and easy to get along with cats or not. You don’t have to worry about anything because while going through this post you will get to know the best possible ways through which you can make your German Shepherd comfortable with cats if it’s not already.

This article will give you all the good reasons that will help convince you that German Shepherd usually are good with cats compared to other dogs. When it comes to getting a cat must keep in mind that there are German Shepherds who are good with cats realize this is not the case with every dog. They are German Shepherd who tends to be more aggressive towards cats.

This is because they feel attacked that someone else will steal their attention and love. The reason why a German Shepherd is aggressive towards cats is that these dogs have a strong prey drive and do not let anyone into their boundaries. Therefore bother your German Shepherd will be comfortable with that or not depends on its behavior.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

It is important to know the behavior of German shepherd’s towards cats. German shepherds are the type of dogs that are known for strong prey drive. It means that even if a small thing makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened they will cause harm to that animal or even the person. This can be a big issue for pet owners who like both dogs and cats. However, it is important to know that this is not the case with all German Shepherds.

Some German Shepherd behave extremely good with cats and they are very easy to get along with cats. The main factor that determines this is the German Shepherd.

One of the ways through which you can do this is through the training of the German Shepherd. Those German Shepherd who is trained properly helps them learn what they can chase and what they cannot chase. This will greatly help prevent the German Shepherd from harming the cat and it will make it easier for it to get along with cats. And training plays a very important role to help German Shepherd get along with cats.

Another important thing to consider is the German Shepherd’s are territorial and dominant dogs. It means that they do not like it if some other animal is interested in the territory and tries to steal its spot or food. So if you get a cat and it accidentally sits on the German Shepherd’s spot it will trigger your dog and it can lead to a fight between your cat and German Shepherd.

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Effective ways to get a German Shepherd to get along with cats

It is true that German Shepherd has a strong prey drive and it can be difficult to get them to get along with cats but they are still effective ways to which you can help the German Shepherd get along with cats.

Positive training

The main factor that makes it easy for the German Shepherd to get along with other cats is training. Many owners do not emphasize training as much as they need to. Training will not only help train your dog but also make it remember his boundaries. It will help the German Shepherd to learn the things that it can chase and the things that it cannot chase. So to get a German Shepherd to get along with other cats you will have to do it in steps.

Firstly you will have to teach the German Shepherd to stay when it’s being distracted so that it doesn’t chase the cat. Once your dog has learned to stay the next step is to introduce a German Shepherd with a cat. You can do this by telling the German Shepherd to stay and then putting both the German Shepherd and a cat in the same environment. The last step is to make sure that you give both your German Shepherd and a cat appropriate attention so that none of them feels the lack.

Take your dog to dog training classes

If you are someone who doesn’t have enough time to train your dog to help it get along with cats then you should take your German Shepherd to dog training classes. These classes are more effective when the dog is in the puppy stage especially when you have just got done you’re a German Shepherd. In these dog classes, you would be able to get a personal guide for training or German Shepherd according to its very effective nature.

Feed them separately

This is a very important step to help you German Shepherd get along with cats. In the initial stages, you should never feed both the dog and cat in the same room. It is always the best idea to feed them separately so that none of them harm each other.

Exercise is crucial

German Shepherd’s are the type of dog that requires daily exercise. But in German shepherds do not get enough exercise they look for outside stimuli that prevent their boredom. This can include chasing the cat or harming them. This is why it is very important to take your German Shepherd hopefully exercise will help to get the German Shepherd more comfortable with cats.

Final words

German Shepherd is easy to get along with cats or not you must keep this in mind that training is a process and it takes time to make German shepherds feel comfortable with that if they aren’t already. By going through this article it will become a lot easier for you to train your German ShepherdOpens in a new tab. appropriately so that it gets along with your cat in the best way possible.

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